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(Wholesale) Hello Daisy Meadow 3 x Seed bomb pack

(Wholesale) Hello Daisy Meadow 3 x Seed bomb pack

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Hand rolled in Gippsland, our Wildflower Seed Bombs are a perfect gift for family, friends and neighbours. Have fun with Grandparents or a funky uncle learning the gift of growing wildflowers. 


This seed bomb is filled to the brim with Everlasting Daisy seeds, a stunning Australian Native variety of wildflower. This variety of everlasting daisies have  paper-like flowers that bloom in sweet white and pink shades. Everlasting daisies are native perennial wildflowers that grow quickly and easily to provide bursts of vibrant colour over a long season. Their numerous flowers are attractive to butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects, making them a perfect addition to any flower bed or informal wild area.

Seed Bomb Ingredients:

  •       Includes Australian native everlasting daisy seeds.
  •       Mix of fertile clay and compost from Gippsland, Victoria

About Everlasting Daisies: 

  • Flowers grow in sweet shades of pinks and whites.
  • Growing everlasting daisies is easy, as like many natives they're extremely tolerant of both poor soil and drought, and once established they're also happy in heat. They grow to between 80cm and a metre in height and form compact, rounded shrubs. 
  • They prefer full sun, and while they are tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions they will produce the most impressive flower show when sown in fertile, well-drained soil with a fine, sandy texture.
  • Flowers will grow over the winter months, expect an early flower display at springtime. 
  • The seeds should germinate in between seven and 14 days. 
  • Everlasting daisies are highly drought tolerant, but for the best growth keep the soil evenly moist during dryer periods rather than giving irregular soakings. Although the daisies require little in the way of nutrients to grow, feeding can enhance the production of flowers. Use a general purpose liquid fertiliser every three weeks or so, starting from when the plants are 15-20cm in height.


  • Thoughtful gift for all ages
  • Environmentally Positive 
  • Create habitats for our pollinator friends
  • Easy low maintenance alternative to growing from seed 
  • Create a beautiful landscape & support a small Australian business at the same time!

How to use:

Growing wildflowers in our seed bombs is easy as, Plant, Water, and watch the flowers Flourish!

Growing everlasting daisies is easy, as like many natives they're extremely tolerant of both poor soil and drought, and once established they're also happy in heat.

It’s always best to place seed bombs in a soiled area with limited debris preventing the seedlings from finding sturdy ground. Water the seed bomb for the first 7 days to make sure the seedlings don’t dry out. After the seedlings are 1 cm tall, only water them when they need to drink so they get conditioned to the natural environment. Flowers will bloom anywhere between 1-3 months after planting.


Seed bomb Ingredients:

·        Includes Australian flower seeds.

·        Mix of fertile clay and organic compost from Gippsland, Victoria

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Contains 3 x 2.5cm Seed Bombs.

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