We have a dream of inspiring brown thumbs to get their hands dirty and grow colourful wildflower meadows.

The mineral rich clay used in our Seed Bombs make growing flowers from seed easy.

Just plant, water and watch them grow!

Every seed bomb is hand rolled with love in rural Victoria.

Growing wildflowers in our seed bombs is easy as, Plant, Water, and watch the flowers Flourish!

Germinating flowers from seed can be a real challenge. That’s where Hello Seedling comes in. Seeds will stay dormant in the seed bomb until the conditions are right for healthy germination. Rain will slowly disintegrate natural clay from the bomb, leaving little seedlings ready that with regular watering, will grow into flowers between 1-3 months.

What are Seed Bombs?

Seed bombs are small clusters made of compost and clay that are packed with wildflower seeds. They are designed to naturally break down with rain, leaving you with the beginnings of beautiful wildflowers.

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