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How to use Seed Bombs?

Growing wildflowers in our seed bombs is easy as, PlantWater, and watch the flowers Flourish

It’s always best to place seed bombs in a soiled area with limited debris preventing the seedlings from finding sturdy ground.  Water the seed bomb for the first 7 days to make sure the seedlings don’t dry out. After the seedlings are about 5cm tall, you can reduce watering them to only when they need to drink so they become conditioned to the natural environment.

Flowers will bloom anywhere between 1-3 months after planting. 

What time of year should seed bombs be planted?

What makes seed bombs really cool, is that the mixed variety of seeds ensures flowers will grow and bloom throughout the year.

A lot of our seeds thrive over the cooler seasons, so they have the
time to grow and establish their root system before spring and summer.

For Cool Season growing, we recommend planting seed bombs such as: Everlasting Daisies (Hello Daisy), Cornflower (Blooming Wildflower), Scarlet Sage (Feast for Bees), and Love-in-a-Mist (Butterfly Attractor).

For Warm Season growing, we recommend planting seed bombs such as: Strawflower (Hello Daisy), Foxglove (Blooming Wildflower), Sunflower (Feast for Bees), and Cosmos (Butterfly Attractor).

What types of seeds are in each seed bomb?

Our Wildflower Seed Bombs are filled with a complementing variety of 2-5 colourful flower seeds that will brighten up any garden or pot. 

Flower varieties found in our Wildflower collection include: 

Butterfly Attraction - Cosmos, Lupin and Love-in-a-Mist

Blooming Wildflowers - Poppy, Cornflower and Foxglove

Feast for Bees - Sunflower, Scarlet Sage and Purple Poppies.

Hello Daisy Meadow - Australian Native Cotton
Heads, Strawflower, Everlastings and Paper Daisy seeds.

What Exactly Are Seed Bombs?

Seed bombs are small clusters made of compost, clay and wildflower seeds. 

Seeds will stay dormant in the bomb until the conditions are right for healthy germination. Rain will slowly disintegrate the bomb, leaving cute little seedlings ready for life as a big beautiful flower.

Where do the seedball ingredients come from?

We hand roll each ball in Stratford, Victoria. We source all our ingredients locally to Gippsland.

Our Environmental Pledge

We are committed to ensuring that everything we do is environmentally positive. 

  • Plant wildflowers with our easy-to-use seed bombs.

    Filled to the brim with Aussie grown flower seeds.

  •  Enjoy flowers that are easy to grow in pots

    Hand rolled with soil and mineral rich clay from the family farm in Gippsland, Victoria.

  • Add a burst of colour to your garden all year round with our easy wildflower seed bombs.

    The secret to a garden bursting with colour, bees and butterflies!