Our approach to maximising positive environmental change

Create a vibrant garden or grow in pots with our easy flower seed bombs.

Here at Hello Seedling, we are first and foremost dedicated to our environmental impact and sustainability. We are completely end-to-end local and work to create a net positive impact on the earth and its occupants.

We know that sustainability goes beyond just planting greenery, and impacts the very way we choose to run our business!

Inspired by my explorations of Austria and the mass public wildlife and flowers that cover the country, I came back home to Australia with a vision to enable everyone to create local beauty and sustainability in a simplistic, affordable, and beautiful way. I want to create an Australia where wildflowers cover local areas, and bouquets are living on your doorstep each morning.

We are serious about creating lasting, sustainable change for future generations, and are dedicated to doing what is right, not easy.

So how did we make this dream reality? It’s both simple and complicated…


Every aspect of our production has been consciously designed to maximise its environmental and social benefit. From manufacturing to seed sourcing, stockists and packaging - we’ve thought of it all.

Our manufacturing process is all local and sustainable, reclaiming natural clay and compounds as well as sourcing local nutrients, fertiliser and seeds to hand-roll and manufacture our seed bombs from our home in Gippsland, Australia.

At the heart of our effective and sustainable seed bombs are our incredible local seeds. All of our seeds are sourced locally from our home here in Aus, and we only buy locally grown seeds that haven’t been chemically treated. This means our seeds are fresher, more likely to germinate, all local, and have a lower carbon footprint.


Our local seeds make our bombs EXPLODE with life and germinating seeds, and more sustainable than any alternative we could find.

Our packaging design process for our products is all local and environmentally considerate, using cardboard packaging and QR linking our instructions to save paper and ink. Additionally, our stockists are all local and align with our business values to ensure we are also supporting local industry.


We’ve thought of every avenue of our business, and maximise the positive environmental and social impact as best we can. Naturally we are always looking for ways to improve, but believe that keeping people and the planet at the forefront always builds the best results.


We love the wildflower wilderness we are building, and are so delighted to have you joining us on the journey to make a better world.

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