Falling in Love with Everlasting Daisies

Everlasting daisy inspiration quote

Let's chat about something that's been blooming its way into my heart lately: everlasting daisies. These charming Australian natives are like bursts of colorful pink and white confetti that light up gardens.


One of the things that totally won me over is how everlasting daisies are the tough guys of the Australian flower world. They're the flowers that can thrive in both wet and dry climates. I mean, we all know Australia can't make up its mind about the weather, right? Whether it's sweltering heat or sudden showers, these tough flowers can thrive in the most confusing of Australian conditions.


Now, here's the fun fact that got me: everlasting daisies are actually cousins of sunflowers. Who knew? They are part of the same Asteraceae family.


The best part of everlasting daisies is that their flat, open shape is like a VIP invitation for pollinators. Butterflies, bees, and other friendly insects can't resist their charm.


Growing everlasting daisies, like many other Australian natives, is comparatively easier than a lot of other flowers. Once they’re established, they’re going to grow really easily through and they’ll be happy in heat and rainfall.


Everlasting daisies are perennials, which means they will die at the end of the season. But trust me when I say that at the end of that season, there will be an abundance of seeds to either save for planting later or to leave to grow as wildflowers again.


Everlasting daisies can be temperamental germinators. The biggest thing to watch out for is picking the right location when planting. You want an area that has full sun and access to water. It’s important to pick an area that gets morning sun so that the soil can be warm throughout the day. Planting everlasting daisies beside a fence might not be the best solution because you’re going to be blocking access to sun for a lot of the day and rainfall might not actually reach the daisies. Areas like on the side of your curb or in an open garden bed will be great!


Ready to give everlasting daisies a try? You're in luck! Try our Hello Daisy wildflower seed bombs. Growing with our seed bombs is as easy as: Plant, Water, and watch the flowers Flourish! Each seed bomb contains Australian everlasting daisy flower seeds mixed with fertile clay and organic compost from Gippsland, Victoria – giving your seedlings a nutrient-rich head start!


Happy gardening, my friends! 🌼

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